Phone-in Grocery Ordering Ideal For Senior Citizens

JANESVILLE, WI – Realizing a need for a low-tech, customer friendly grocery ordering service for senior shoppers is the reason why the Phone-in ordering service is now available at Maurer’s Market. Owner, Jeff Maurer, explained, “I recently heard from a manager of a senior residence apartment complex that her disabled and senior residents do not have access to computers and so on-line shopping is difficult. Grocery shopping can be a difficult task for those physically impaired and without transportation and yet food is a necessity. We wanted to find a solution to make our neighbors’ lives a little easier.”

Phone-in ordering is easy for customers. There’s no tricky app to download or artificial intelligence behind the scene. The customer simply calls (608) 756-0351 and a Maurer’s Market manager or a customer service employee will take the shoppers’ call. The employee will create an online account for the caller and place the order while the shopper describes what they need on the other end of the phone line. By opening the online account for shoppers, an employee can review previous orders and select the brands preferred by the shopper. Every time the shoppers uses the service their list grows with their preferred grocery items. That order history expedites the next phone-in re-order process and saves a lot of time. The best part about the Phone-in grocery ordering service is that its FREE, no shopping fee, no delivery fee. A Maurer’s employee shopper will pick the items on the list, bag it and deliver it the same day. Jeff stated, “Our goal is to cater to our community and when we find a group in need, we’ll find a way to serve. I don’t think anyone else in Janesville is offering phone-in ordering.”
The phone-in service is ideal for elderly shoppers who are not computer savvy or for families without home computers. Phone-in orders can be placed by calling (608) 756-0351 during store operating hours.