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Somewhere along the line, grocery stores became corporate and cold.  Cutting corners.  Beefing up the bottom line.  Sacrificing quality just to make another nickel.  We must have missed the boat on that one.  Maurer’s Market IGA is a grocery store for Wisconsin Dells.  The folks who live here.  We put the things on our shelves that we know you’re looking for.  Nobody in a corporate office someplace else is telling us what to sell.  No pointy headed research to think for us.  We already know what you like… because we know you.  And, if we missed something… just let us know.  Maurer’s is your grocery store.  Made in Wisconsin, for people who live in Wisconsin.

Jeff Maurer

Co-Owner – Maurer's Market IGA

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Our Values

locally grown

Wisconsin Agriculture

Start anywhere in Wisconsin and drive 10 minutes in any direction.  You’ll probably end up on farmland.  Heck, throw a dart at a map of the state, and you’ll probably start on farmland.  We’re proud of our ag in Wisconsin, and we should be.  Almost $70 billion is no small feat from our quiet Midwestern state. READ MORE

Kristie Maruer

Better Services

Ya know what’s awesome about being your Wisconsin Dells Grocer?  We can do things you need.  We take our cues from you to make Maurer’s as useful to you as possible.  We don’t have a formula carved out of a text book.  We believe in doing what is right, fair, and helpful.  Kinda the way you live your life.


Top Quality

Quality might be in the eye of the beholder.  But, we make darn sure our products taste good and treat you right.  We test drive all our products, and only take the best.  If we find something that doesn’t live up to Wisconsin Dells expectations, it’s off the shelf and never coming back.


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