Wisconsin Agriculture

Start anywhere in Wisconsin and drive 10 minutes in any direction.  You’ll probably end up on farmland.  Heck, throw a dart at a map of the state, and you’ll probably start on farmland.  We’re proud of our ag in Wisconsin, and we should be.  Almost $70 billion is no small feat from our quiet Midwestern state. READ MORE

At Maurer’s Market, we love our Wisconsin farmers.  It may be “ok” for big chains to drag in produce and dairy from other states, but not Maurer’s.  Not only is locally sourced food fresher and better… but, it feeds our economy.  Buy a dollar’s worth of corn… and that turns into 79 cents of industrial sales throughout the state.  Pretty cool, huh?

But, rather than dazzle you with agriculture stats, we’d rather share with you the delicious food created right here in Wisconsin.

Did you happen to see that group of dairy cows standing in that field the last time you drove to Baraboo?  Those ladies are probably the same ones responsible for the wholesome milk and world famous cheese you find at Maurer’s.


You live in The Dells, you shop in The Dells, and your produce and dairy came from that family farm just up the road.  We think that’s kinda important.

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