Here’s an odd compliment we got one day.  “I like coming to Maurer’s.  It doesn’t smell like a grocery store.”

It took a couple weeks for us to understand what she was getting at.  Then it made perfect sense:  Chain grocery stores don’t smell like… anything.  Once you’re 2 feet in our front door, Maurer’s smells like “fresh baking.”

Like other fresh things in the store, our baked goods aren’t brought in from some factory in Cleveland.  Our donuts, cookies, cakes, and bread are created right in Maurer’s Market.

Oh, yes.  It smells like a bakery here… because there is a bakery here.

Donuts are baked and frosted first thing in the morning. They don’t stay in the store long enough to ever get stale. 

Cakes?  We have a great baker for those.  Moist and full of flavor.  Hand decorated on site.  We’ll gladly put a “happy birthday” or “congrats on your retirement” message on there for you.  Again, not premade and hoping someone will buy.  Custom made for you.

Fresh bread always requires one common ingredient.  Time.  We’re up while the moon is still shining letting our homemade dough rise perfectly, and baked to a golden brown.


So, that “smell” you smell when you come to Maurer’s Market?  That’s the aroma of fresh.  It’s in everything we do.