In Store Services

We always try to be a bit old fashioned in what we do at Maurer’s Market.  But, that doesn’t mean we don’t know you’re busy.  We respect your time and make sure you have all the things you need before you leave the store.

  • Rug Doctor – You can rent a great carpet cleaner when you shop at Maurer’s.  This is no wimpy vacuum.  This is a professional grade cleaner that washes your carpet clean.
  • Wisconsin Lottery – Feeling like lady luck is on your side?  We can’t guarantee a winner, but we do promise getting your lottery tickets is quick and easy.  Remember us when you’re a bazillionare, would ya?
  • Stamps – There’s never one when you need one.  Put “stamps” on your grocery list and we’ll make sure you’ve got a fresh book in your shopping bag.
  • Western Union – The easiest and safest way to get money around the world is Western Union.  They’ve been at this for decades which is why we trust ‘em with handling your money.


  • Utility Payments – We think it’s pretty cool that you can check two or three extra stops off at one place.  When you’re running errands and need to pick up the groceries and pay bills, you can do it at Maurer’s.  You’ve saved money while shopping and saved time in your day.  Awesome!